Batman Arkham VR for the Playstation VR

Batman Arkham VR for Playstation VR

Is a first person story mode specifically designed for the Playstation VR unit and developed by RockSteady Studios who also produced Batman Arkham Knight, Batman Arkham City, and Batman Arkham Asylum. Batman Arkham VR was specifically designed for the Playstation VR unit so if you do not own a Playstation VR unit you’ll need to purchase one or you can not play the game. This is pretty much equivalent to a Batman Movie where you in the front seat driving all of the interactive action. You can actually compare it to a ‘Who Done It’ or an episode of CSI Las Vegas. The graphics and 360 view capabilities are phenominal and what you’d expect from the Playstation VR unit. Now I’m no expert in the Batman Comic series nor all the Batman Movies and all Batman Video titles but the story line seems to change from generation to generation. I watched the original Batman movie with Michael Keaton back in the 1989 so I’m using that as my baseline as to my origins of my personal Batman knowledge. Anyway onto the game.

The first section of the game lowers you down multilayers into the bat cave. You go into a weapons check / practice mode where you try all your bat devices and load them upon your belt. You also get to inspect a lot of villain artifacts from the previous story lines leading up to this game. Again the story lines may be a bit different from the movies and possibly the comic books but most likely line up with RockSteady’s storylines in their Batman Arkham video games. I’ll stop there with the plot as to not spoil the fun.
The game is definitely intended for mature audiences so little kids thinking they are going to get this kiddie cool VR experience are better off playing the Playroom VR.

The game will go about an hour in length, give or take, depending on your hand eye coordination.
Ratings online are very high with an average of four and a half stars out of five. We definitely recommend it and at such low price $19.99 it’s a great deal. Any Batman or DC Comic fan will absolutely love this title.

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How to setup your Playstation Virtual Reality Headset

Items that come with your Virtual Reality Bundle

Playstation Virtual Reality Headset
Processor Unit
Stereo earbuds
HDMI cable
AC adapter and power cord
PlaystationVR headset connection adapter


1. Connect one hdmi cable from the Playstation 4 console into the VR Processor Unit and connect the second HDMI cable from the VR Processor into your TV. These HDMI inputs will be properly labeled on the back of the VR Processor Unit.

2. Connect the Playstation VR headset connection adapter to the VR Processor Unit. Match up the symbols properly from the connection adapter to the VR Processor Unit. (Triangle, Circle, X and Square)

3. Connect the AC Power Adapter from the Processor Unit into an outlet

4. Ensure you have your Playstation Camera connected to your Playstation 4 console.

5. Power on the <Playstation VR Headset

1. Make sure you have the Playstation Camera positioned properly so it can detect the camera

2. Make sure the Playstation VR Headset cord does not obstruct or act as an obstacle during game play

Maintenance Tips
Make sure you regularly clean your Playstation VR headset lenses with a lint free microfiber cloth.

When not in extended periods of use unplug the VR Processor unit. It does not power off when you power off your Playstation 4 console.

The London Heist – Playstation VR

Adult Content Language


The London Heist on Sony PlayStation VR is a very cool interactive game. In my opinion its target

audience is an adult male ages 16 and up. There is a target practice mode and a story mode. The

target practice mode has additional modes as well with laser sights and no laser sights.

Obviously laser sights are a bit easier and geared towards the novice PlayStation VR user who

needs a little bit of a handicap and practice. You also have the option to user the PlayStation Move Motion Controllers or the normal gamepad. I recommend using the PlayStation Move Motion Controllers because you get

a better PlayStation VR Experience. I’m right handed so I would hold the gun with my right hand

and user the trigger as I naturally would with a real gun to shoot. When you are out of ammo you

use your left hand to pick up the new clip and insert it underneath the pistol as if you were in

real life reloading a clip into a hand gun. Again you have full 360 degree views but you won’t

necessarily be moving past 180 degress in the mode.

The second mode which is the actual game itself is the story mode. Be careful because there are an unusually large amounts of swear words. The interactivity is fun as you play out the story line and get to interact with not just guns but a lot of various objects in the games like lighting a cigar, opening drawers, shooting, etc. So fire up that PlayStation VR, charge up your Move Motion controllers and get ready for loads of fun.

Playstation VR the Luge Game Review

PlayStation VR Luge Youtube Video

The Luge is another mini game included in the Playstation VR Worlds game disc. This game is quite simple to play and doesn’t involve any memorization of button controls or anything like that. All you need to do is lean from one side to another in order to control your luge. Actually if your super lazy all you need to do is tilt your head from side to side and you can control the luge. As with all Playstation VR games you have a full 360 degree view but since your racing downhill you’ll want to keep your eyes generally on the road. There is a huge difference playing a standard 1st person racing game and playing a Playstation VR Racing game. You actually feel really nervous dodging and weaving in between obstacles, and moving traffic. My stomach was actually in knots racing down the road. As with all these VR games you’ll want to make sure you don’t easily get motion sickness. So if you have anxiety or high blood pressure make sure you take your meds well in advance prior to playing this game. In short awesome game, low investment in learning the game and really fun!

Game Review Playstation 4 Virtual Reality ‘Ocean Descent’

PlayStation VR Ocean Descent aka Theh Deep
Today’s review is one of the Playsation VR Worlds mini games “Ocean Descent or The Deep”. Ocean Descent is more of a roller coaster ride than a game. There really isn’t much of an introduction to the game you just jump right into the story plot. You’re slowly lowered down into the deep ocean on an unknown expedition in an underwater steel diving cage. You are basically on an expedition along with two under water drones to explore and investigate a particular interesting dangerous dive site. There are a lot of sights and beautiful 360 degree panoramic views to see. The lower you go the plot unfolds based upon the narration and guidance of your control operator. The story and ride have adult themes and vulgar language so be careful of younger children playing or listening. It also has some pretty intense and scary moments so if you do not have a strong stomach for such things your better off sitting this one out. Over all the ride is about 10+ minutes in length. This is a really fun ride that is great for beginner’s since there are really no controls or other manual interation that is needed. It really just focuses on the Playstation Virtual Reality experience. View the video of us playing here: PlayStation VR Ocean Descent

Release Day! Initial Product Review

The playstationVR was just released in October 2016. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the day after release. I purchased the Playstation VR Launch Bundle just so I can get all of the components in one nice neat package. It’s also a bit cheaper to just get the entire bundle with all the accessories but If you had already pre purchased other components like the PlayStation 4 camera or the then you should probably just buy the Playstation VR headset.

The quality and construction of the headset is excellent. The headband that wraps around your head is sturdy and comfortable. It has a a good adjustment mechanisim to customize fits for different head sizes. We are a household of 5 girls so there is rapid swapping of the headset so everyone can play. Note there is also a calibration phase when you swap the headset between players. The Playstation VR system can detect when there is a new player. It also provides good support so that it doesnt get ‘front heavy’. I purchased the Samsung VR Headset when it first came out and although it was an excellent system. I noticed it getting front heavy due to the weight of my Samsung Note 5 you had to carry towards the front of your head. The headband wasn’t sturdy enough to offset the weight of the phone.

Getting setup is fairly easy. I let my 4 daughters unbox and get the system setup. It took them some time to figure out where the plugs went. Then they went through the calibration steps for setting up the headset but they were off to the races in about 10 mins total.

We immediately downloaded the Playroom VR games that comes free with the purchase of the Playstation VR headset. There are 6 mini games that are family friendly. My two younger daughters (ages 7 and 9) got a bit scared when playing “the Deep” game. It’s best to get them a bit used to the gameplay before they dive into some of the games. So it provided us with a few hours of good wholesome fun. All in all we highly recommend it as a great add on to your existing Playstation 4 experience and cheaper than the Oculus Rift and much cheapter than the HTC Vive system.